Accessories for the Supraflux Stabilizer

Adapter for stabilizer arms and vests

Already own an isoelastic arm, support vest or forearm brace? These simple adapters will allow you to use it with your Supraflux Stabilizer.

Two versions available:

(1) The 4-piece Steadicam kit is made of solid anodized aluminum with steel hardware and will work with most Steadicam arms and vests.

(2) The Glidecam version (shown on photo) is a solid machined aluminum part with black anodized finish and will work with most Glidecam arms and vests.


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Accessories will ship Sept 2013

Docking Bracket

This docking bracket will make balancing your Supraflux Stabilizer much easier.

Once attached to a C-stand (not included), it will hold your stabilizer while you balance it.

The other side of the docking bracket can be used to rest the Stabilizer when making setup changes such as adding counterweights or adjusting the telescopic tube length.

Made of solid aluminum with a heavy-duty black anodized finish for durability. Steel hardware.


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Accessories will ship Sept 2013

Field Stand

This lightweight stand is perfect to rest your Supraflux Stabilizer in a safe and secure way without disturbing the balance and settings.

It is easily assembled and dismantled (tool included).

Assembled height approximately 25" (63cm). Made of anodized aluminum and powdercoated steel.


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Accessories will ship Sept 2013