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If you shoot video, you probably know that you need a stabilizer to get professional-looking footage that is smooth and stable. A stabilizer allows you to get that gliding camera effect, and ensures you don't get shaky amateur-looking footage that gives viewers a headache.

"this really is a game changer and it deserves our support" SLRLounge

Unfortunately, most stabilizers require a lot of experience to operate properly.

Direction changes and panning are some of the biggest challenges when shooting with a stabilizer. The goal of a stabilizer is to keep the camera steady by absorbing your movements. So when it comes to turns, this effect actually keeps the camera from turning with you. When you want the camera to turn, you have to use your fingers to change the stabilizer's direction; thereby destabilizing the camera. It takes lots of practice to get stable direction changes using this method and even then, sometimes you ruin an otherwise great shot. Until now.

A revolutionary new way to film: The Brake

We set out to design a device that allows you to turn the camera without upsetting its balance. The result is the Supraflux Stabilizer with The Brake (patent pending). The Brake gives you complete control of turns by locking one axis of the stabilizer at the touch of a button. The other 2 axes remain free-floating continuing to stabilize the camera.

The result is a completely seamless transition from free to locked and complete control of your camera. This means you can turn the camera exactly how you want, when you want. No more touching the stabilizer and ruining the shot. This will change the way you film.

Super smooth footage

Thanks to precision-machined aviation-grade aluminum and virtually frictionless ball bearings on all rotating parts, the results are incredible stabilization and professional looking footage. The adjustable central bearing means the Supraflux stabilizer can be perfectly balanced in all directions as opposed to many stabilizers that will get out of balance when rotated.

Easy to setup and use

- Balancing the camera is made easy with the top stage micro-adjustment mechanisms in both directions. To move the camera, all you need to do is turn the adjustment knobs. One turn of the knob moves the stage by 0.03" (0.8mm). No more frustrating back and forth adjustment.

- You can precisely know when the camera is balanced by using the integrated bubble level on the bottom plate instead of looking at the shaft and trying to make it look straight.

- It's faster and easier to remove the camera with the slide-out camera mounting plate. No more losing the mounting bolts. Just loosen them and pull the mounting plate up.

- The non-slip rubber surface on the top stage keeps your camera secure and prevents it from shifting and destabilizing the balance.

- Changing the counterweights is easy with the slide-out weights. No need to remove the bolts, just loosen them and slide out to remove or slide in to add weight. You can even do it with the stabilizer standing up.

- Two different weight sizes allow you to precisely setup your stabilizer and give you options for the exact setup you want (more inertia, shorter compact setup, etc.)

- The multi-position bottom plate lets you fine tune the inertia of the setup so that it feels right for you and for the type of shot you're taking. Outer position for more stability, inner position for nimble direction changes.

- The telescopic tube allows for a very precise setup of the dynamic handling of the stabilizer. This means you can perfectly balance any camera weighing 0.25lbs (115g) to 10 lbs (4.5kg).

- We added graduation marks on the tube to be used as a reference when fine tuning the stabilizer. It is also a convenient way to remember your setup when changing cameras.

- We also made sure that standard setup and adjustments don't require any tools. No more screwdrivers to install your camera.

Compatible with a huge range of cameras

The Supraflux stabilizer will work with virtually all cameras ranging from 0.25 lbs to 10lbs. This means iPhones and smartphones, GoPro cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, microsystems or mirrorless cameras, smaller DSLR and big DSLR, the RED cameras, semi-pro and pro video cameras will work great (see FAQ below). This stabilizer is built to grow with you for years of use.

Light, compact, rugged and durable

The Supraflux stabilizer remains light (3.2 lbs without counterweights) thanks to its aluminum construction. With the telescopic tube collapsed, the stabilizer is less than 15" tall and dismantles easily to fit in a carrying case or bag.

The black anodization on the aluminum provides a tough finish to protect the surfaces from the elements and during transportation.


How do I assemble and operate the Supraflux Stabilizer?

Check our our instruction manual

What cameras work with the stabilizer?

Virtually all cameras ranging from 0.25 lbs to 10 lbs (115 g to 4.5 kg) will work with the Supraflux stabilizer. The camera is mounted using the included standard 1/4-20 size bolt. For cameras not equipped with a 1/4-20 mount (such as smartphones), you will need an adapter (not included). These are inexpensive and readily available online.

Why is the center bearing adjustable?

To be able to perfectly balance your camera on the stabilizer, all 3 axes (pan, tilt and roll) must precisely intersect. When the axes don't intersect, the stabilizer will be balanced in one direction but will tilt when the camera is turned. Some of the stabilizers the market are designed that way. We made the center bearing adjustable on the Supraflux stabilizer so that you can achieve this perfect balance and get super smooth footage in all directions.

Will there be instructions?

Detailed illustrated step-by-step instructions to guide you through the setup and operation of your Supraflux stabilizer are coming soon.

Can I use and LCD monitor?

The bottom plate is equipped with one standard mounting hole at each end so you can install your LCD monitor if you use one to shoot video.

Is the Supraflux Stabilizer compatible with arms and vests?

We are currently developing a simple adapter that will make the Supraflux stabilizer fully compatible with most arms and vests made for video camera stabilizers. This means if you already own a vest or arm, you will be able to use it with your new Supraflux stabilizer.